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Lawn and Shrub Services

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By using a combination of liquid and dry lawn care products, CTH Pest Solutions is able to promote higher-quality, healthier lawns at no extra cost to you!  The liquid products provide superior weed control while the dry provides better controlled-release fertilizer.


The turf grasses that grow in our area are varied; therefore, CTH Pest Solutions has developed lawn-specific agronomic programs for each of the grass species.


We are here to listen to your concerns about your lawn and can provide effective solutions to your lawn problems.  


At CTH Pest Solutions, we will fight the weeds, lawn-damaging bugs and disease while providing a nutrient-rich program to give you a thick, green lawn.  We offer professional grade lawn care products, a knowledgeable staff, and the attention to detail you will appreciate, all at a price you can afford!  


Not only are there environmental benefits to having a well-maintained lawn, but a cared-for lawn can add anywhere from 5 to 15 percent to a home’s value in the Tampa Bay area.


Clean Courteous Service * Fully Trained & Experienced Technicians * Straightforward Pricing


Our Standard Lawn Care Program Provides:

  • Detailed list of lawn care services and costs before we start

  • Comprehensive pre-inspection of your lawn

  • Combination of liquid and granular fertilizer applied throughout the year

  • Ongoing progress report after every application

  • Fire Ant, Flea & Tick control

  • 12 scheduled lawn treatments per year

  • Free follow up treatment and service calls outside of scheduled services

  • Removal of small debris and fertilizer from driveways and sidewalks

  • Pre and post emergent weed control for broadleaf, sedge and grassy weeds

  • Complete insect and disease prevention with every application

  • Disease Control


Shrubs are an important and valuable feature in any landscape.  Shrub and ornamentals can cost thousands of dollars to replace.  


There are hundreds of bugs and diseases that can attack your shrubs – often times, when you see signs of infestation, it is too late.  You need a professional to identify and protect your shrubs against these harmful infestations.  


Many shrub insects and diseases have different life cycles which need constant attention and professional treatment.  We specialize in a custom blended application specific to your plant needs.  We are the professionals that are here to help protect you against all of the potentially harmful problems that can arise.


Our Standard Shrub Care Service Provides:

  • Monthly / Bi-Monthly Treatments

  • Spring & Fall blended fertilization application

  • Complete insect and disease prevention with every application

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Areas We Cover


​Land O Lakes

Tampa ​

New Tampa​


Wesley Chapel


San Antonio


Citrus Park


Tarpon Springs

Palm Harbor

New Port Richey

Dade City

Port Richey



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